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I carved it into your ribs.

No, no. His name is Castiel. He wears a trench coat.

28 June 1987
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I am just a college kid who can never manage to finish what she starts. Like, seriously, I have all of these great half finished fics in my writing folder and I really want to finish them right now. I just get blocked when trying to end them. Sigh.

I work at an animal shelter and my dream of the month is to go into animal rights law and maybe work for the HSUS. We'll see.

Also, I am terribly ashamed of everything at my ff.net site, so if you look at it, remember that it is not indicative of my writing style now. It has changed dramatically. People will notice if I ever manage to finish my Dean/Cas I'm writing. I have recently taken my link to my fanfiction.net profile, but it's the same username if you're interested--all you'll find is Digimon from when I was in middle school and Draco/Harry (which I now hate).